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prism logo Prism World Printmaking Seven Spodki Gallery, Bialystock, Poland June to July 2016   We are hugely looking forward to showing in Poland for Prism 7, home to some of the greatest graphic artists and to a still-thriving tradition of great art. Our associate Tomasz M. Kukawski, who is Professor at Bialystok University of Technology, has very kindly assisted us in making this connection with the exciting-curved spaces of the Spodki Gallery in the heart of Bialystok!

Colour Etching Printmaking Handbook


In this book Nigel Oxley describes the techniques of etching and aquatint employed by the artists who worked with him at Kelpra Studio, where he established a reputation for using intaglio processes to create full colour images.  The author introduced the use of carborundum and polymer plates to the studio and this book includes step-by-step descriptions of these techniques, including the use of multiplates.

Having editioned for many years the author relates his experience of complex colour and plate combinations, clearly enabling the reader to have a comprehensive insight into the work of the many artists illustrated within this book.  These artists include Dame Elisabeth Frink, John Piper, John Hoyland, Jim Dine and Patrick Heron.

This is a valuable practical guide for the beginner and for those wishing to develop their printing and etching skills.  For those interested in printmaking it provides a unique insight into the demands of a professional print.

A&C Black London  ISBN 978-0-7136-6820    Available from Amazon.

Intaglio Workshops in Bexhill

PressesIntaglio printmaking workshops in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex.  

  • Introduction to Intaglio Printmaking via Collagraphs and Etching.


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